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About Us

St. Bartholomew’s Episcopal Church - 2017

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Rector Search Our Mission…Rooted in the Episcopal tradition, growing disciples of a loving God, reaching out to make a meaningful difference in our world

Our Vision… Impacting lives through love, acceptance, and service

Our Core Values… Episcopal tradition, Discipleship, Acceptance, Spiritual Growth, Compassion, Friendship, Mutual Respect

We are welcoming and friendly to all who enter our doors; we accept people as they are, and we try hard to embrace them into our church family. We want to “be the church” as disciples showing the love of Christ while going out to serve others. We believe that meaningful Christian formation for all ages is fundamental to our continuing spiritual journey. We respect and appreciate the diversity of talents and opinions in our congregation. The Tree of Life truly represents our belief that we worship a living, loving God and are called to go out and show this to others.

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Strategic Plan for Saint Bartholomew’s Episcopal Church
Upper Diocese of South Carolina


Goal #1: Strengthen relationships within the congregation, increase interactions among participants of the three services, and offer activities specifically for senior congregants

  • Action: Establish and maintain small groups focused on common interests (such as outdoor activities, book studies, Bible studies, social gatherings, singles groups), multi-service activities, and senior activities

  • Lead: Church Staff and Lay Leaders

  • Action: Hold quarterly events (such as meals, EU2charist, and non-Sunday activities)

  • Lead: Church Staff and Lay Leaders

Goal #2: Improve follow-up with newcomers and assimilate them more quickly into church activities

  • Action: Develop an action plan to accomplish goal, including use of the Automated Church System

  • Lead: Church Staff and Lay Leaders

Rector Search Goal #3: Expand internal and external church communications

  • Action: Identify opportunities to expand church communications and prepare an implementation plan (for example; preparation of an annual church calendar, directory with periodic updates, social media, and website)

  • Lead: Church Staff and Lay Leader

Goal #4: Strengthen congregation involvement in outreach ministries

  • Action: Conduct monthly ministry spotlights, profile ministries in Scroll, Rector and Vestry hold periodic participant campaigns and set expectations

  • Lead: Lay Leaders

Goal #5: Increase utilization of church property (land and buildings)

  • Action: Develop a long-term property utilization vision and a plan with projected budget to address the goal

  • Lead: Lay Leaders


Rector Search Goal #1: Increase population of younger congregants (high school, college students, singles, young married, and young married with children)

  • Action: Identify opportunities to attract younger congregants (for example; planting a community garden, and visiting high school and college campuses)

  • Lead: Clergy with Ministry Committee chairs

Goal #2: Support a smooth transition from a pastoral to program size church

  • Action: To recruit, resource, and support church staff and lay leadership in the transition to maintain the current successful ministries and to develop new ministries

  • Lead: Clergy

St. Bartholomew's Vestry:
Ellen Nesbitt (Sr. Warden), Chris Lehi (Jr. Warden), Mel Bradley, Amy Hardy, Meredith Holodak, Nancy Kotti, Alex Thirkell, Cliff Warner, Paul Whitaker

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The Mission of St. Bartholomew’s Episcopal Church is… “Rooted in the Episcopal tradition, growing disciples of a loving God, reaching out to make a meaningful difference in our world”

Our Vision is… ”Impacting lives through love, acceptance, and service”

Based on input gathered during our small group and congregational meetings, the Rector of St. Bart’s should have the following qualities to help us carry out our mission and fulfill our vision:

SPIRITUAL LEADER: St. Bart’s comprises three separate worshipping communities with three different sets of expectations (8:00 Quiet Service, 9:00 Traditional Service, 11:30 Relaxed Service with contemporary music). We seek a Rector who appreciates these differences, but who also has the creativity and insight to recommend alternatives that may attract newcomers in the future. We also prefer sermons that are uplifting, relevant to daily life, and engaging.

PASTOR: We are blessed to have a dedicated group of parishioners who deliver pastoral care to those in need, with the Rector as a significant collaborator. We seek a Rector who is compassionate, approachable, and has the ability, desire, and sense of humor to connect both spiritually and personally to all ages. Our Rector should also be able to help us attract and retain newcomers, especially since growing disciples of a loving God guides our mission.

SHEPHERD: We seek a Rector who can collaborate with staff and lay leaders to develop relevant ministries that especially attract young adults AND young families with children, since these groups will be a vital part of our future. Creative, non-traditional ideas may be necessary to accommodate busy schedules of both children and adults. Our congregation also desires additional small group opportunities, both social and spiritual, to develop deeper relationships and enrich our Christian formation.

COMMUNITY-MINDED: St. Bart’s congregation is very service-oriented in the community. We desire a Rector who is willing to support us and be involved in our outreach efforts, as well as being active in the community. We hope for our Rector to join our parishioners in being a welcoming and visible “face of St. Bart’s.”

ADMINISTRATOR: St. Bart’s is currently positioned between a pastoral and program size church. With the help of our Interim Rector, we have established lay-led committees to carry out our various ministries. Thus we desire a Rector who can effectively manage staff, lay leaders, and volunteers and develop an efficient team, dedicated to the mission and vision of St. Bart’s.

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St. Bartholomew’s liturgical style is classically “broad church.” We are a Eucharistic-centered community with a premium placed on engaging, thought-provoking, Biblical sermons. We offer three Sunday liturgies, each with their own flavor:

  • 8:00 AM – Quiet Worship, BCP Rite 1 or 2 - with organ, but no choir.
  • 9:00 AM – Traditional Worship, BCP Rite 2 - with organ and choir.
  • 11:30 AM – Relaxed Worship, Rite 3 - paperless with contemporary band and overhead screen.

Rector Search Average Sunday Attendance
2012 - 169
2013 - 171
2014 - 175
2015 - 151
2016 - 131

The Triduum of Holy Week is observed in its entirety. Solemn Eucharist is celebrated on Christmas Eve and Easter. Throughout the year our Worship Committee, with the help of the Rector and others, plans liturgies and events that tie into a deeper connection with God. Some examples of these events include:

  • During Epiphany we support our Brown Bag Ministry by correlating the gifts of the Wise Men to today’s world with “gifts” of food to those who are in need.
  • During October we celebrate our Pumpkin Patch Ministry by having a “Service in the Patch.” The special service allows this ministry to be blessed and invites ALL who visit the patch to worship and share the Eucharist with us.
  • We have an annual youth-led service, in which our young people serve as readers, ushers, lectors, Eucharistic Ministers, and provide music for the service.
  • On Christmas Eve a children’s service focuses on the young members of the church. This service is relaxed and fun, for both the excited children and adults.
  • This past year we celebrated a EU2Charist that incorporated the music of the band U2 in a liturgical setting. The event was very popular with our members as well as visitors from the community.

Rector Search

Lay people actively participate as Altar Guild, Lectors, Eucharistic Ministers, Eucharistic Visitors, Acolytes, Greeters, and Ushers. Members of St. Bart’s church family show their love for God and for each other by serving in these ministries that bridge diversity among all people and ages. We encourage involvement of our youth in all aspects of worship.


Our Music Ministries at St. Bart's support the liturgy and Priest at all services and at other events in our Parish and the community of North Augusta. Our music staff consists of:

  • Director of Music,
  • Organist and Bell Choir Director, and
  • Volunteer Organist for 8 AM service.

The full Music Ministry consists of the following:

  • Organ music at the 8 AM service,
  • Organ and Adult Choir at the 9 AM Traditional service,
  • St. Bart’s “Simple Gifts” Worship Band leading the worship music in the 11:30 AM Relaxed service,
  • St. Bart’s Ringers ringing bells or chimes periodically during the Sunday services,
  • St. Bart’s Youth Band performing at least once a quarter and at our Kanuga Parish Retreat, and
  • St. Bart’s children singing on Wednesday nights with our “Exploring God” program.

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Sunday School is held for adults and children at 10:15 AM each Sunday.


Adult Sunday School currently offers the LtQ2 (Living the Questions) Class. LtQ2 is a popular internet-based video and small group exploration of progressive Christianity, featuring premier religion voices of the day. This class is an open-minded alternative to studies that attempt to give participants all the answers.

Adult Bible Study meets on Wednesday mornings and is led by the Rector. This group discusses an array of Biblical and theological topics and includes Bible study, discussion of theological books, and current events.


Middle and High Youth Sunday school, “TeenText,” is designed to meet our youth where they are instead of providing them with answers that “come from the Bible.” This program helps youth connect the text with their lives by helping them get out of their heads and into their hearts, through the use of today’s technology.

Children’s Sunday School, “Kids for Christ,” includes lessons that are both heart-centered and experiential. Stories and activities engage children’s bodies, feelings, and minds. Giving children experiences that are real and meaningful will help them integrate and apply the ideals to their lives right now. Experiential learning also helps to create a solid foundation for a child’s lifelong spiritual journey.

“Exploring God” Children’s Ministry, held on Wednesday night, explores Bible adventures through stories, craft and games; we often take the kids outdoors, bringing God’s creation front and center.

Living our Faith is a 6-week class for pre-teens who are not old enough to be confirmed but are ready to learn more about their faith.


Rector Search Ladies craft nights and dinner and an annual December tea (afternoon) and coffee (night) where women enjoy goodies, fellowship, and a brief discussion on the true meaning of Christmas.

Faith and Fitness is a small group ministry meeting that focuses on God’s word and fitness. The group meets monthly with walks, hikes, and exploring to help with their spiritual and physical fitness.

Ora et Labora (pray and work)! is a men’s group that meets twice a month for prayer, study, discussion, mutual support, and mission work.

“Lent for everyone” and “Advent for everyone” are offered during these seasons. Activities on these special days include something for everyone with breakout sessions for meditation, crafts, service, music, and faith in the kitchen, and a special class for children.

Pretzels for Lent is an intergenerational activity offered each Ash Wednesday before the worship service.

Parish Retreat takes place in February at Kanuga in Hendersonville, NC. Adults, youth, and children enjoy a relaxing weekend of worship, classes, sightseeing, free time, game night, fun, and fellowship.

Children’s Communion Class is held once or twice a year as needed for our youngest children.

Confirmation class is offered annually for both youth and adults.

Vacation Bible School, staffed with many volunteers, is held annually Monday through Thursday in the evening with dinner to accommodate the entire family.

A Nursery is available for children under 5 during the 9 AM and 11:30 AM services.

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Members of St. Bart’s offer each other genuine, authentic support in a loving atmosphere. We stand together in times of celebration, sorrow, and need. Providing pastoral care during times of need is central to St. Bart’s core values of friendship and compassion.

The Pastoral Care Overview Committee, under the guidance of the Rector, oversees the major areas of pastoral care: spiritual, emotional and material needs. They document responses to the pastoral needs and communicate them among the leaders. They also encourage others to become involved in their mission to care for those in need. The Pastoral Care Ministry includes visitations, phone calls, handwritten notes, transportation, and altar flower delivery. Groups that also serve the pastoral needs of the members include the Prayer Chain, Daughters of the King, Stephen Ministers, Meal Team, Lay Eucharistic Visitors, Episcopal Church Women, Health Screenings, and the Brown Bag Ministry.


We believe in the power of relationships. Considering that we have three services, it is important for us to occasionally bring all congregations together with shared meals and special church activities. These events provide opportunities for people to get to know each other more intimately and develop deeper relationships, especially as the church grows.

Some examples of our parish life activities include the cooking teams, international dinner, Home for the Holidays Christmas event, Adult Christmas Party, baking Cookies for Kairos, intergenerational Advent and Lenten programs, Bazaar Ladies workshops, Ladies Tea and Coffee, Quiet Day, and small groups with similar interest such as walking and exercise. Moving forward, our parishioners greatly desire to initiate more small group interactions. Our goal in this is to deepen our walk with the Lord and deepen our friendships with each other.

Attracting and keeping newcomers is key to the future growth of our church and important to our mission of growing disciples and our vision to impact lives through love, service and acceptance. We continue to search for effective strategies to follow up with newcomers and assimilate them into the fellowship of the Church.

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By Love Serve One Another - Galatians 5:13 Rector Search

To live out our mission in “reaching out to make a meaningful difference in our world,” St. Bartholomew’s focuses its collective outreach in several directions, always seeking to serve the community around us.

On Faith in Action Sunday in May parishioners go out into the community to “Be the Church.” Service activities for Faith in Action Sunday include visiting veterans at a nursing home, serving at a local animal shelter, cooking and delivering meals to public servants, providing yard care for both elderly parishioners and a school campus.

The Episcopal Church Women Bridge Luncheon, St. Bart’s Holiday Bazaar, St. Bart’s Pumpkin Patch, July 4th BBQ, and Lenten Fish Dinners raise funds for service in our community and beyond and also provide wonderful fellowship opportunities.

We reach out to others by:



  • Community Ministry of North Augusta (CMONA) – supporting this non-profit with donations and volunteers
  • Master's Table– volunteering monthly to serve meals to the homeless in Augusta
  • Angel Tree – providing Christmas gifts to needy families
  • Monthly Brown Bag Program – donating canned goods, cleaning supplies, etc. to residents of a low-income housing facility in North Augusta
  • Fall Festival Children’s Storytelling Program – offering field trips and storytelling for approximately 700 pre-schoolers during our annual Pumpkin Patch
  • Vacation Bible School - offered to the community
  • Alzheimer Care Giver’s Monthly Support Group - led by two of our parishioners
  • Annual Flu Shot Clinic
  • Faith in Action Sunday


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Before 1951, Episcopalians in North Augusta had to cross the river to Augusta to attend church. However, on May 29, 1951, a group of forty-five communicants participated in the first Eucharist of St. Bartholomew’s Episcopal Church, held in the old Masonic Hall in North Augusta. The first worship service in the original church was held on August 24, 1952.

Growing pains lead to the building of a new church in 1958, while the original church became the Activities Center. The undercroft was completed several years later and serves as our Fellowship Hall today. The neighboring property became available and was purchased to allow additional room for growth. The house, named Bert Lewis Hall after a special original member, continues to serve as our church office. St. Bart’s was a mission church from 1951 until 1959, when we became a regular parish of the Diocese of Upper South Carolina.

Through the years, St. Bart’s Episcopal Church has been guided by several clergy. The Reverends Forbes Ross de Tamble, R. Hampton Price, George V. Johnson, David C. Street, Quay D. Rice, Sr., and David J. Peacock served before the arrival of Fr. David F.O. Thompson in August, 1985.

Fr. David Thompson faithfully led St. Bart’s for thirty years. He was an inspirational preacher and teacher. He was also authentic in sharing his faith and regularly available to those who needed his guidance. His sense of humor enabled him to connect with all ages.

We built the present church in 1992. We also purchased several adjoining pieces of property and renovated buildings to become the present Youth Building, rental property, and Thompson Ministry Center. Membership increased, enabling us to hire an assistant rector. We transitioned from two services to three services on Sunday morning to accommodate various worship styles. Our outreach was expanded both locally and internationally.

Before Fr. Thompson retired in June, 2015, he had begun to prepare the congregation of St. Bart’s for changes that might occur. Losing a beloved minister after 30 years was difficult, but we knew that we must move forward.

In August, 2015, we were fortunate to call Fr. Geoffrey Coupland, who specialized in Transition Ministry, as our Interim Rector. The Vestry understood that his job was to support us through our time of grief, guide our self-examination, and enable us to accept change.

We are now ready to take the next step and look forward to discovering how the new Rector and parishioners of St. Bart’s can further impact the lives of others through love, service, and acceptance.

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St. Bart's is located in the city of North Augusta, South Carolina. This growing city is conveniently located in the center of the Central Savannah River Area (CSRA), which includes the cities of Augusta, Aiken and North Augusta. The CSRA comprises approximately 850,000 residents that enjoy seasonal weather and a multitude of activities (many of which involve the Savannah River, which runs between Augusta and North Augusta).

North Augusta is minutes away from neighboring Cities of Augusta and Aiken and other hubs such as Fort Gordon.

North Augusta offers its residents all the advantages of a big city living while still maintaining a small-town charm. Home to over 20,000 residents (and growing), North Augusta provides its residents an enhanced quality of life with its many amenities throughout the City.

With its superb location, progressive government, quality growth, quaint neighborhoods, and friendly people North Augusta is an excellent place to call home! (Source: http://northaugusta.net/visitors )

Annual Events:


  • The North Augusta Greeneway: 12.5 mile paved recreational trail that winds through the city, parts of which overlook the Savannah River (map)
  • The North Augusta Parks and Recreation Department
  • Upcoming in 2017/2018: BallPark Village/Project Jackson, a minor league baseball stadium and shops

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